Bastet (Alexis Bauer)


Basic Info

Name: Alexis Bauer
Code Name: Bastet
Player: Kertyth987
Department: D-2 Military Operations
Campaign: Agents of the Aegis
Level: Fixer1/Soldier1

Physical Description

Attribute Description
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Nationality: American
Identifing Marks: None

Ability Scores

Ability Score Mod
STR 12 +1
DEX 17 +3
CON 17 +3
INT 18 +2
WIS 15 +4
CHA 13 +1


Skill Key Skill Score Ranks Mod Misc

Appraise +6 2 +4
Balance +5 2 +3
Bluff +3 2 +1
Boating +5 2 +3
Bureacracy +1 +1
Climb -1 -1
Computers +2 +2
Concentration +2 +2
Cultures +7 5 +2
Disguise +12 5 +3 4
Diplomacy 10 5 +3 2
Driver +1 +1
Escape Artist +1 +1
First Aid +2 +2
Forgery +2 +2
Gather Info +10 5 +3 2
Handle Animal
Hide +1 +1
Innuendo +7 5 +2
Intimidate +5 +3 2
Jump -1 -1
Languages +2 +2
Listen +2 +2
Move Silently +1 +1
Open Lock
Perform +4 +2 2
Read Lips
Search +2
Sense Motive +9 5 +2 2
Slight of Hand
Sport +1 +1
Spot +7 5 +2
Swim -1 -1
Use Rope

Feats & Talents

Flawless Identity

Cold Read 1/Session

Gear & Gadgets

1 Large Briefcase
1 Clothes Carrier
1 Military “sea-bag”
1 Average Outfit
1 Designer Outfit
1 Plainsclothes Outfit
1 Camo Outfit
1 Tuxedo Liner
2 Cell Phones (1 tied to each ID)
1 Digital Audio Recorder with 1 Comemercial Grade Memory Chip
1 Evidence Kit
1 Person Digital Assistant
1 All Weather Lighter
10 Chemical lightsticks
5 day supply of Field Rations
1 Digging/Entrenching Tool
1 GPS Reciever (Handheld)
1 9×19mm Service Pistol w/Silencer
100 Standard Rounds
20 Teflon Tipped Rounds
2 Tactical Radios
1 Disguise Kit



Weapon Budget Points Damage Error Threat Range Weight Mods & Misc
9×19mm Service 1d10 1 20 20 ft 3 lbs. Silencer

Alexis Nichole Bauer is the oldest daughter of Teri and Jack Bauer, and the older sister of Kim. She was born March 28, 1986, in Anaheim Hills, California, and is 5 years older than her sister.

When she was 10 years old, Alexis learned the truth of her father’s job – Agent for the US Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). Already idolizing her father, from age 10 on, she did her best to follow in his footsteps.

When she entered High School, she enrolled immediately in the Army’s ROTC Program, and juggled that along with a strong academic career and several after school activities. All of this was in an effort to be accepted into West Point, which she did, upon her graduation.

She excelled in her studies at West Point, and graduated with honors, as a 1st Lieutenant. With her high marksmanship and other skills, her admission into the Rangers was almost a given, and for 5 years she excelled, attaining the rank of Captain, before she was recruited into the U.S. Military’s combined services Anti-Terrorist Force.

Like her father’s work in CTU, Alexis proved to be a skilled agent and interrogator. While she has continued to excel in her position in the Unit, rising to the rank of Major, the past several years have proven difficult however, with her mother’s murder, her father’s apparent death (and ensuing resurrection) as well as his recent incarceration first in China and now in Russia.

Alexis has been so focused on her career, that she had little contact with her family after graduating West Point, only seeing her father and sister at her mother’s funeral, and again seeing her sister at the funeral for her father a few years later. She has not had contact with her family since then, though with his recent incarceration, she has been attempting to locate her father’s whereabouts in Russia, in the hopes of formulating a plan to ‘extradite’ him.

Bastet (Alexis Bauer)

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